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  • [New] 11% of global respondents now have a holiday budget lower than pre-COVID, and 37% cannot afford to go on holiday in the near future so the new low-cost service will be welcomed.
  • [New] In the near future, Advanced Battery Concepts will look to change the energy storage industry again with its announcement of EverGreenSeal to greatly enhance battery technology, safety, increased sustainability, and production on a world-wide scale. PR Newswire
  • [New] Dublin understands the Indo-Pacific region as a field of opportunity for Europe, where the adoption of a unified strategy would represent an assertion of European strategic autonomy. ECFR
  • [New] Greece understands the Indo-Pacific region as a field of opportunity for Europe, in which a unified strategy should aim to enhance EU strategic autonomy, take the United States into account, and seek to maintain good relations with China. ECFR
  • [New] While the Indo-Pacific per se is understood as a field of opportunity for Europe, the adoption of an EU Indo-Pacific strategy would be interpreted by Finland as an assertion of European strategic autonomy. ECFR
  • [New] Denmark understands the Indo-Pacific as a field of opportunity in which the implementation of an EU strategy would create an opportunity for assertiveness as well as a way to support the transatlantic alliance. ECFR
  • [New] Prague understands the Indo-Pacific as both a field of opportunity for Europe and a vehicle for dealing with China. ECFR
  • [New] Fortune 100 companies in telecommunications, energy, industrial automation and other innovative sectors of the market use Swim Continuum to monitor diverse data streams, anticipate disruption, and rapidly respond to global changes in their industries. Datanami
  • [New] A distributed neural implant system might not be necessary for many near-term uses, like enabling basic motor functions or the use of a computer. Wired
  • [New] EUA prices are not high enough to drive near term fuel-switching at power plants in Europe but are instead staying at levels that will support gas-fired power margins in 2022. the weekly ledger
  • [New] We now see that an increasing number of firms in the euro area, and in Germany, are raising their prices and further price increases are to be expected in the near future. European Central Bank
  • [New] Of all the fields AI is expected to permeate over the coming decade, perhaps none is more consequential than health care. VentureBeat
  • [New] As a direct consequence of any presumptively diminished nuclear ambiguity, Jerusalem could signal its then relevant adversary or adversaries that Israel would wittingly cross the nuclear retaliatory threshold to punish all acts of existential or near-existential aggressions. Jewish Business News
  • [New] While non-nuclear by definition, biological warfare attacks could still produce grievously injurious or near-existential event outcomes for Israel. Jewish Business News
  • [New] Temperatures on Earth will rise by about 1.5 degrees Celsius in two decades and warns that a near-2m rise in sea levels by the end of this century cannot be ruled out.
  • [New] In the near term, all Chinese tech companies seeking to go public outside of China will have to comply with Chinese regulations relating to personal data and critical information infrastructure - one facet of China's expansive conception of national security. Lawfare
  • [New] China, Japan and South Korea will remain the center of anode production in the near-term before expanding over time into European, US and other markets. wp-content
  • The key idea is that since the US is among the world's technology leaders in most fields, business travellers from the US will possess cutting edge technological knowledge which inventors in foreign countries might access when U.S. business travellers fly overseas. PLACE
  • Iron-ore futures in top steel producer China dropped on Friday to head for a second consecutive weekly loss, with the benchmark Dalian price hovering near its lowest in seven months on fears of more steel production curbs. Mining Weekly
  • The combined efforts of industrial hubs, national players, ESA BIC, the ESA technological broker and the business applications ambassador office will increase the visibility of companies already active in the space field in Poland and will also attract new entrepreneurs. Emerging Europe
  • PURCHASE, N.Y. - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Mastercard will extend its capabilities deep into the field of digital assets with an agreement to acquire CipherTrace, a leading cryptocurrency intelligence company with insight into more than 900 cryptocurrencies. Business Wire

Last updated: 19 September 2021