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Digital Transformation

  • [New] Tax administrations are investing significant resources in the development of e-services and digital solutions and are embracing opportunities for fast tracking digital transformation to improve their services, reduce burdens, and improve tax compliance. OECD
  • [New] Embedded finance - which supports the integration of financial services into products and business processes of non-banks - is becoming increasingly relevant in Europe fuelled by Open Banking and digital transformation, with global growth predicted to exceed $138 billion in 2026 [1]. FinExtra
  • [New] As a highly networked middle power engaged on key areas of concern to the Middle East, Tokyo has an opportunity to open a multilateral strategic dialogue with the region that focuses on the critical issues of the next decades - namely, digital transformation and technological competition. Foreign Policy
  • [New] At a time when the building sector is in the middle of a majo r digital, energy and environmental transformation, France's watchword will be INNOVATION! MENAFN
  • [New] The digital transformation has a growing impact on Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) business and IT ecosystems and offers new and prolific opportunities to participate in the global economy. Market Research Reporting & Analysis Agency in India
  • [New] The global business world has taken digital transformation as a disruptive phenomenon that offers seamless potential for growth and productivity. IT Business Edge
  • [New] The digital revolution is driving significant change in the job market too, with jobs all over the world expected to transform or disappear in favor of new opportunities in technology, mostly in urban areas. Capgemini Worldwide
  • [New] As digital transformation continues to accelerate, organizations have reached an inflection point in how they approach cybersecurity, recognizing the paramount importance of threat preparedness. Help Net Security
  • [New] IBM Security Services offers assistance to businesses and organizations in quantifying and understanding the risks, enhance resources, rapid detection and response to threat, and bolster security priorities of organizations to accelerate their business transformation. Emergen Research
  • Going forward, NEC will further strengthen its relationship with AWS and focus on developing and providing a menu of offerings to accelerate the digital transformation for government activities in Japan. EnterpriseTalk
  • A digital transformation in Africa will require greater leadership and collaboration from Governments, the Private Sector and Civil Society. World Bank
  • The disruptions of the past year and a half have accelerated the digital transformation of every industry. Autodesk University
  • China's 14th five-year plan, which covers 2021 to 2025, has a whole chapter on digital transformation in every sector of Chinese society, ranging from real industries to governmental administration. Forkast News
  • Opportunities to accelerate Africa's transformation in areas such as digitalization can only be unlocked completely through integration and collaboration on shared challenges. Acet for Africa
  • Lockheed Martin, as a whole, plans to spend around $2 billion over the next five years just in support of its digital transformation. The Drive
  • IT infrastructure and applications modernisation, alongside digital government transformation, will remain high government priorities in 2022. Information Age
  • A world leader in digital transformation has signed a new partnership with the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry that will help industry embrace the latest technologies.
  • As a rising star in the global storage market, Inspur Storage will continue to develop innovative centralized and distributed all-flash storage technologies that enable enterprises to accelerate their digital transformations. Datanami
  • Businesses will increase spending on technologies and services that support digital transformation at all levels. TaxJar
  • The digital revolution that began in post-industrial societies has affected, to varying extents, most nations in the world, introducing new opportunities for crime commission and law enforcement, transforming social structures and organization, and altering norms and practices of social interaction. Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Book Reviews
  • Orange maritime customers will now be able to accelerate their digital transformation with higher-capacity satellite connectivity services provided jointly by SES Networks and Orange. Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

Last updated: 19 September 2021