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  • [New] Banks in Pakistan will utilise the digital app on smartphones to record and verify biometrics of the potential account holders from their homes. Gulf News
  • [New] The Banks in Pakistan will make use of the digital App on smart phones capturing and verifying biometrics of the potential account holders from their homes. News World 2021
  • Sensors market is Estimated at $358.8 Million in 2021, While China is Forecast to Reach $294.4 Million by 2026 The Biometric Sensors market in the U.S. is estimated at US$ 358.8 Million in the year 2021. Yahoo Finance
  • The U.S. military should assume that any sensitive data - biometric and biographical data, wiretap data and communications, geolocation data, government records - could potentially fall into enemy hands. The Conversation
  • The Afghan ID, the e-Tazkira, is an electronic identification document that includes biometric data, which increases the privacy risks posed by Taliban access to the National ID system. The Conversation
  • Biometric data collected by aid agencies like UNHCR in Afghanistan is at risk of falling into the hands of the Taliban. Biometric Update |
  • Fear grows as personal data and biometric devices fall into the hands of the Taliban.
  • Revelock technology will be natively integrated into the core Feedzai platform with historical behavioral biometric intelligence available immediately. Financial IT
  • The Berlin Zoo plans to use facial recognition to offer faster entry to season ticket holders, and airports already use e-passport gates to reduce border waiting times for weary travellers. Center for Data Innovation
  • Along with enhanced shopping, 5G could improve card security and response time when using mechanisms like biometrics to authenticate payments. American Banker
  • Revelock technology will be integrated into Feedzai's platform in an effort to enhance its capabilities with a digital identity solution powered by behavioral biometrics. Security Week
  • Revelock technology will be natively integrated into the core Feedzai platform with historical behavioural biometric intelligence available immediately. Fintech Finance
  • Drones and robots equipped with advanced imaging cameras and sensors empowered by deep learning computer vision will take center stage. Frost & Sullivan
  • Future developments in GANs alongside other Deep Learning methods will play an important role in Computer Vision and AR in the period to 2025. GAVS TECHNOLOGIES
  • Australia is trialing a controversial cashless welfare card, and plans to increase the use of biometrics. Spotify
  • The coming years will see a prevalence of QR code-enabled payments, conversational chatbots, voice-activated payments, biometric authentication, and facial recognition technology. Tech Times
  • Berlin-based Tier will work with Irish and DCU-based Luna to equip e-scooters with computer vision tech that will be able to detect pavement lines and pedestrians. Yahoo Finance
  • The Star Exploration Project will be based on Tencent YouTu Lab's computer vision technology and Tecent cloud computing, using cloud + AI to help Chinese skyeye FAST process the huge data received every day, and find pulsar clues through visual AI analysis. China Money Network
  • The use of biometrics in mobile commerce, app-based purchase, and mobile device payments is expected to emerge into a market worth USD 3.0 trillion by 2025. Yahoo Finance
  • The pilot - coordinated by Smart DCU and Insight, the Irish research centre for data analytics - will test 30 TIER e-scooters using Luna computer vision technology and AI models. Cities Today
  • Using technology funded by Cisco, Simprints will integrate touchless biometrics into the data collection application already rolled out in Ghana. Yahoo Finance
  • The global biometrics market is expected to reach $45.96 billion by 2024 as the network formed by partnerships between tech and biometric companies continues expanding. CUInsight

Last updated: 19 September 2021