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Digital Twin

  • The sustainability credentials of digital twins are clear and launching a National Digital Twin strategy could be a powerful way to help the UK achieve its net-zero goals. Information Age
  • NI will demonstrate how its monoDrive AV simulation software is using Velodyne's lidar technology to create digital twins and is providing validated physics-based sensor models for Velodyne lidar sensors. LiDAR News
  • From a global market size of US$ 3.1 billion in 2020, the digital twin market is projected to reach US$ 48.2 billion by 2026. Tech Wire Asia
  • Firm Markets and Markets reckons the digital twin market will grow from $3.8 billion in 2019 to $35.8 billion by 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate north of 37%. Enterprise IoT Insights
  • The digital twin market is expected to grow by USD 24.81 bn, accelerating at a CAGR of almost 39% during the forecast period. Technavio
  • Spatial maps and digital twins of cities will let AR devices better understand their surroundings, and reliably annotate the world through graphical and informational overlays. AR Insider
  • Digital Twin is a software representation of a physical asset, system, or process designed to detect, prevent, predict, and optimise through real-time analytics to deliver business value. Profit From IoT | IoT India
  • Synapse tracks the history of digital twins and finds insights to predict future states, and with Azure you can build autonomous systems that continually learn and improve. Stratechery by Ben Thompson
  • Average global adoption of digital twins will reach 34.9% by 2026, supporting more than 10 million frontline workers in manufacturing. ABI Research
  • A digital twin of UK roads could play a pivotal role in managing road repairs, prioritising investments and interventions, and reducing delays and disruption for road users. Planning, BIM & Construction Today
  • The Mixed Reality Lab at CSIRO's Data 61 will enable manufacturing and other industries to create 'Digital Twins', or virtual replicas of physical objects and systems. CSIRO
  • For instance, the US Army is currently creating a digital twin of its Black Hawk helicopter to evaluate the potential role 3D printing could play in its future supply chain. 3D Printing Industry
  • Digital twins created in Autodesk Tandem are designed to improve operational efficiency and enable predictive maintenance to prevent disruptions and reduce operating costs. Leading media for CAD, CAM Industry Updates
  • The University of Leeds is working with the local council and other institutions under the 'Self Repairing Cities' initiative to use a mix of robotics and the digital twin to eliminate unnecessary street-works by 2050. CBRE
  • The construction software market is currently upwards of $10 billion and could grow significantly thanks to the adoption of digital twins. VentureBeat
  • Moving forward, digital twin technology will be crucial to helping industry leaders remain profitable while adapting their business models in response to change and a planet already in flux. Forbes
  • Companies such as Boeing create digital twins of airplanes so engineers can test the virtual version without putting anyone at risk. Blog - Hexagon PPM
  • The rapid development of technologies such as cloud, AI, digital twins and edge computing means almost every industry will digitally transform itself, with data at the heart of it, to be more intelligent over the coming years. The Engineer
  • With 35% of APAC executives reporting that their organisation is currently using digital twins for innovation, Carrel-Billard expects digital twins to unlock new opportunities to operate, collaborate, and innovate. iTnews Asia
  • We believe an increased demand for digital twins by owners and operators of buildings and infrastructure will create new market opportunities for digital technologies and digitization of the AEC industry. VentureBeat
  • Once operational, the University of Oxford will evaluate the performance of the hybrid battery against a digital twin. E&T

Last updated: 19 September 2021