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  • [New] Challenges to domestic stability will only be amplified the more climate change is allowed to accelerate unabated - with Russia facing significant levels of risk - and with implications for the international security environment. Wilson Center
  • [New] On virtually every contemporary American national security concern - including the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Chinese threats against Taiwan, nuclear proliferation, and cyberwarfare - Tehran defines its own interests in opposition to the United States. The New York Times
  • [New] If the outside world wishes the Taliban security forces would behave more professionally, donors might want to expand programs aimed at educating the Taliban about their legal obligations, including on civilian policing. Crisis Group
  • [New] With a looming global economic recession, food shortages created by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and continued supply chain disruption, the need to secure developing and middle-income countries against ransomware becomes more important in order to protect economic development. Royal United Services Institute
  • [New] The ongoing war in Ukraine, unpredictable rainfall patterns, and supply chains disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic are all conspiring to put Africa's food security under tremendous strain. New African Magazine
  • [New] If the outside world wants stability in Afghanistan through more professional policing, donors might want to expand the existing programs aimed at educating Taliban forces about their international legal obligations, which should govern their security forces. Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] As the world grapples with the existential threat that is climate change and strives to meet its net-zero commitments in a manner that enables prosperity and energy security, Canada has the opportunity to become an indispensable global player. The Assay
  • [New] Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang have placed a Taiwanese activist in incommunicado detention on suspicion of separatism and endangering national security, as the democratic island's president hit out at a China trip by an opposition politician. Radio Free Asia
  • [New] Regional security threats, which include a tentative peace settlement in the fight over Nagorno-Karabakh - Turkey supports Azerbaijan, while Russia intervened to save Armenia - mean that any Turkish government would want a balanced working relationship with Russia. The New York Times
  • [New] In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering new rules that would require more detailed disclosure of climate-related risks and greenhouse-gas emissions. McKinsey & Company
  • [New] The US securitizes technical standards, particularly in digital technologies; China's dominance in the international standardization regime which has been traditionally ruled by the Western bloc is a threat to national economic security. the korea herald
  • [New] The Securities and Exchange Commission's recently proposed climate risk disclosure rules are in response to demands from the investment community for more consistent, comparable and reliable financial data from companies about the risks their businesses face from climate change. Forbes
  • [New] Ever since China signed a security pact with the Solomon Islands in April, there has been serious concern in the West that Beijing will establish a military foothold in the Pacific. Foreign Policy
  • [New] China's decision to carry out military exercises in areas surrounding Taiwan is a gross violation of Taiwan's rights under international law and gravely threatens regional peace and security. Latestly
  • [New] In Asia in the next two years the most requested data by asset owners will be security-level exposure to climate risk, portfolio-level exposure to climate risks and scenario metrics for climate change. ESG Investor
  • [New] The Verizon report includes a startling statistic that appeared in the 2022 Thales Data Threat Report that two-fifths of organizations are not confident that their current security systems could effectively secure the remote work environment. Thales Group
  • [New] China is responding to competition from Europe and its greatest rival, the United States, which has called its dependence on rare earths from China a national security risk. CP24
  • [New] As the New York Times wrote last February, Middle East states are increasingly looking to China not just to buy their oil, but to invest in their infrastructure and cooperate on technology and security, a trend that could accelerate as the United States pulls back. thecipherbrief
  • [New] Investment in memory advancements will prevent semiconductor-based technology from stagnating and secure the continued cadence of technological advancements, thereby ensuring continued US economic and national security. Situation Publishing
  • [New] Micron and WDwant the NSTC to focus on memory-related semiconductors: The establishment of a Memory Coalition of Excellence, as a pillar within the NSTC, is critical for foundational memory technologies and will further enhance American economic competitiveness and national security. Situation Publishing
  • [New] The global trends of food security and sustainability are driving significant and ongoing demand growth for alternative proteins: Alternative meat and dairy sales alone are expected to grow 14% a year, reaching $125 billion by 2030. Benson Hill
  • [New] In the face of military intimidation created by China, Taiwan will not be afraid nor back down, and will more firmly defend its sovereignty, national security, and free and democratic way of life, read a statement issued by Taiwan's foreign ministry. The National Interest
  • China's Eastern Theatre Command said on Monday that it would conduct joint drills focusing on anti-submarine and sea assault operations - confirming the fears of some security analysts and diplomats that Beijing would continue to maintain pressure on Taiwan's defences. Al Jazeera

Last updated: 16 August 2022