Social changes

LATEST: Creating tech-enabled, personalized hotel stays will become increasingly important as America's 80 million millennials beat out the baby boomers as the generation spending the most on travel.
LATEST: Indonesia's retail market for clothing is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.77% over the next five years.
LATEST: Immigrants and their children and grandchildren will account for 88 percent of U.S. population growth over the next 50 years.
LATEST: Hydricity combines solar generation with hydrogen production and storage that the researchers claim could rival solar PV systems and energy storage technologies in driving a low-carbon transition.
LATEST: Reducing food insecurity and improving peoples' health in the developing world will be especially critical as climate change alters agriculture production.
LATEST: Saudi intrusion into Syria will spark a massive regional conflict that will be consumed by fire.
LATEST: The continued development of consumer culture and the growing availability of information will lead to increased public expectations about how care is delivered and the quality of the public buildi...
LATEST: The inability of regulators to hold senior bankers personally responsible for mistakes will fuel demands for stronger accountability rules and will increase pressure on the Government to resurrect ...
LATEST: NATO leaders will not be able to ignore the security implications of Britain's vote to leave the EU.
LATEST: 60% of UK consumers expect the general economic situation to worsen over the next year.
LATEST: In the next ten years, only one in five computing jobs will be held by women.
LATEST: By 2031 when Generation Alpha enter the workforce at the tender age of 21 the youngest of Gen Xers will be only 55 years old.
LATEST: Gen Z will not just be business owners but managers to their personal brand as well.
LATEST: Digitally savvy millennials will soon outstrip other demographics when it comes to buying luxury goods.
LATEST: By 2020, Gen Z could constitute 40 percent of U.S. consumers.
LATEST: The percentage of global online retail purchased outside shoppers' home country is expected to grow at double-digit rates through the next five years.
LATEST: Water and climate conditions in the world are expected to change dramatically due to population growth, further economic development and climate change.
LATEST: Gadgets and objects wirelessly transmitting sensor data to each other and central computers will accelerate in 2016.
LATEST: Brexit will only benefit Russia or bring the EU (and Europe in general) closer to war.
LATEST: The UK could still rejoin the EEA after (or at the same time) as leaving the EU.
LATEST: TV watching will grow ever more immersive, with technologies like augmented and virtual reality putting viewers in the same room with actors.
LATEST: Rice exports are forecast to rise $100 million to $2.0 billion due to a slight increase in export unit value.
LATEST: Sweden has almost entirely closed its door to refugees and is making absurd and incredible threats to deport hundreds of thousands of them.
LATEST: Regulators could encourage standardization of car networking protocols to allow vehicles to communicate with each other on the road and deliver benefits such as "platooning.
LATEST: The number of workers earning less than $3.10 per day is even expected to increase by more than five million over the next two years in developing countries.
LATEST: Local Highway Authorities will become a key stakeholder in supporting MaaS growth.
LATEST: 11 percent of the global population will be vulnerable to micronutrient deficiencies due to a reliance on seafood.
LATEST: Poverty will increasingly be concentrated in countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence.
LATEST: The number of Muslims in the world is expected to nearly double between 2010 and 2050 and Muslims are expected to lead the world in population growth compared with other religious groups.
LATEST: Successful MIP could lead to participating institutions and their ethical boards becoming hasty in their eagerness to deploy a local MIP server in their IT infrastructure.
LATEST: China's working-age population is expected to fall from one billion people last year to 960 million in 2030.
LATEST: Businesses will focus on brand messaging related to corporate culture, innovation, social awareness, and other key things that are attractive to candidates.
LATEST: Businesses with operations in China will need to make the changes needed to accommodate older workers in the workplace.
LATEST: Antibiotic resistance will have devastating effects on all health systems and become a serious threat to sustainable development.
LATEST: UK couples who are married will now be able to pass on £850,000 in total without paying tax.
LATEST: The U.K. will find itself in a weak bargaining position in any negotiations to substitute digital trade agreements for integrated EU membership.
LATEST: A 400-mile Hyperloop could slash travel time between Los Angeles and San Francisco to 35 minutes and be built for as little as $6 billion.
LATEST: Data minimization policies and technologies will become more important as the amount of data collected about consumers increases.
LATEST: The rapid decline in Singapore's labour force will take a heavy toll on the city-state's growth in coming years.
LATEST: Gas is projected to make the largest contribution to societies across the world.

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