Social changes

LATEST: Job openings will increase in the next 5 years due to retirements of the baby boomer generation.
LATEST: Demand for cassia gum in cosmetics sub-segment is expected to increase rapidly in the near future with over 48% share, in terms of value by 2025.
LATEST: Parents are being issued warnings from UK schools that the use of Snapchat's Map feature could place their children at risk owing to its location-sharing functionality.
LATEST: More secure livelihoods should and will continue to draw rural people to cities.
LATEST: Climate change is expected to alter some conditions in tens of thousands of physically realistic hurricane seasons under current conditions.
LATEST: Last week the US Defence Department offered contracts worth $460 million to develop its cyber warfare capabilities and publicly acknowledged for the first time it will develop lethal cyber weapons.
LATEST: Removing fossil fuel consumption subsidies could increase global economic growth by up to 0.7 percent per year by 2050-although several studies estimate lower gains.
LATEST: British officials insist that Cameron's push for action in Syria is driven more by a cold-eyed calculation that the Islamic State's spread poses a direct threat to Britain's national se...
LATEST: There are concerns that Trump's economic protectionism will negatively impact Taiwan's exports and could even cause some manufacturing to leave the island.
LATEST: In emerging and developing economies, growth is projected to accelerate to 4.2 percent in 2017 from 3.4 percent in 2016.
LATEST: By 2025, the UK will have the highest obesity among both men and women in Europe.
LATEST: Disney Research team has developed technology that digitally projects a 3D version of colouring-book characters while the artist is still working on them.
LATEST: A next-gen system will use machine learning and predictive technology to identify and generate dozens to hundreds of useful market segments.
LATEST: In the U.S. 20.1 per cent of households are under banked and 33% of millennials do not expect to have a bank account in the next five years.
LATEST: New generations of workers, Xers, Gen Ys and whatever lies beyond will be better skilled, perhaps more entrepreneurial and in possession of more sophisticated soft or social skills that will drive ...
LATEST: Robots like Pepper could open totally new conduits for marketing and advertising into the home.
LATEST: Global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industry will reach around 37 billion tonnes carbon dioxide in 2017.
LATEST: More than 70% of banks surveyed in the report expect AI interfaces (chatbots) to be the primary point for customer interaction in the next three years.
LATEST: Companies that begin undergoing low-carbon transformation today will be positioned to lead in a future economy that no longer runs on fossil fuels.
LATEST: Regulation of virtual currencies is not developed with the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK expected to publish proposals later in the year.
LATEST: Baby boomers will have a notable impact in areas such as travel, entertainment and healthcare.
LATEST: With established markets slowing in growth, however, growth will continue to rely on emerging economies, particularly China.
LATEST: In the next five years, China will pursue targeted poverty alleviation policies and strive to reduce poverty through development of industries, labor migration, relocation, and minimum living stand...
LATEST: Between 2015 and 2050, the number of people between 15 and 24 years of age living in low- and middle-income countries is expected to rise from about one billion to 1.2 billion.
LATEST: Research expects to see overall DRC service revenue grow at a CAGR of 7.4% over 2016-2021: Growth will largely be driven by continued growth in mobile subscription penetration: Over the next five y...
LATEST: If Russia does not respond to this attack militarily, the US-led block may develop momentum forcing its proxies to launch attacks on government forces in the Euphrates Valley as well as in eastern ...
LATEST: Older Americans who describe themselves as lonely have a 45 percent greater risk of dying-and that the population of over-65 adults in the United States is projected to double in the next 15 years.
LATEST: The current World Bank rankings for ease of doing business' are low in Africa and will depend on local political leaders communicating reforms to encourage job creation to prevent future Arab upris...
LATEST: U.S. community and social service occupations include social workers, counselors, and religious workers.
LATEST: Two Sovereign Wealth Funds worth about USD121bn (11.6% of GDP) will provide resources to finance Russia's fiscal deficit and further anti-crisis measures in 2016.
LATEST: There is a risk that UK people start opting-out of private pension saving as minimum contribution rates increase in the coming years.
LATEST: Greece will target a medium-term primary surplus of 3.5 percent of GDP.
LATEST: Suggested rules taking aim at subsidiaries in tax havens will actually reinforce tax competition between EU countries.
LATEST: Asia Pacific will grow significantly during forecast period because developing healthcare infrastructure, large number of investment and partnering of key player with local manufacturers are expect...
LATEST: India's new Goods and Services Tax or GST being rolled out throughout the country in a far-reaching tax reform will mean applying to foreign universities will become more expensive.
LATEST: TPP is important as it is the largest regional free trade agreement that has been struck in the past two decades...
LATEST: Carbon emissions from tourism are expected to more than double within the next 25 years.
LATEST: Iraq's increasing demands to control Fishkhabour will not help de-escalation and would open doors for Turkish influence in the overall geopolitical game.
LATEST: Another significant impact of global population growth will be the rapid growth of urban environments which will exert pressure on existing building stocks.
LATEST: Energy experts expected the renewable energy industry to grow to at least the size of the current global automotive industry over the coming decades.
LATEST: UITP will lead the evolution towards more liveable cities and a more equitable society by promoting modern, efficient and sustainable public transport all around the world.

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