Social changes

LATEST: Australian baby boomers will move into retirement phase and there should be greater demand for annuity style returns in superannuation.
LATEST: With the TTIP, American consumers will benefit from lower tariffs on European fashion and clothing.
LATEST: Consuming high fructose during pregnancy putts the child at future risk for a variety of health conditions including obesity and the many complications it causes.
LATEST: The future is going to be thousands of solar-powered planes on the outskirts of cities and places where people live.
LATEST: Canada's national building codes will be changing over the next five years to adapt to the effects of climate change.
LATEST: If Turkey becomes an unfriendly country to Russia, it will suffer great losses when it comes to tourism or, more importantly, a new gas pipeline project and it is possible that in the future Russia...
LATEST: Although consumer incomes are growing, there is still uncertainty in terms of purchasing behaviour with consumers keen to budget more and waste less.
LATEST: Research reactors using HEU as fuel or isotope-production targets continue to pose important risks.
LATEST: In Asia, the rise of China threatens to challenge U.S. military and economic hegemony.
LATEST: GM crops could contribute to food production increases and improve the availability of food at global and local levels.
LATEST: Women will be "increasingly responsible for on- and off-farm tasks previously performed by men.
LATEST: There will be more than 2 billion Alphas by 2025.
LATEST: Millennials/Gen Y consumers (people currently aged 18-34) will become the largest generational segment in the luxury market in the US between 2018 and 2020.
LATEST: Parents (particularly millennials) expect to be able to have a good work and family balance.
LATEST: With the growth of part-time and contract workers, Gen Z will more than likely assume the same attitude their Millennial predecessors did when it comes to career expectations; they will not expect ...
LATEST: The vibration energy harvesting market in North America is expected to grow at the highest CAGR between 2016 and 2022 because of the increasing demand for smart homes.
LATEST: The world's mismanagement of wastewater is putting the health of humans and the environment at risk.
LATEST: Email marketing or push notifications could take a highly targeted form as mobile data is married with other data sets such as weather, major events, economic news and customer service information.
LATEST: Asia Pacific is expected to be the market leader in global microcontrollers in terms of volume as well as revenue.
LATEST: The EU will be happy to take Serbia in as a new EU member state.
LATEST: Some hotel owners worry that Airbnb poses a long-term, structural threat to their market dynamics.
LATEST: Within global carbon fiber market, industrial applications are expected to remain as the largest market by volume consumption.
LATEST: The recent wave of migrants will add 2% to the German population and boost the labour force over time.
LATEST: By 2020, feed additives are forecasted to account for nearly 48% revenues of the global animal healthcare market.
LATEST: A risk currently threatening London's startup scene concerns recent changes to labor law that restrict the employment of foreign workers.
LATEST: The UK government could agree a TTIP reservation clause for the NHS.
LATEST: Aging populations across the world will result in national health care spending to outpace GDP growth in the years ahead.
LATEST: One in four Europeans is estimated to be at risk of poverty and social exclusion in the EU.
LATEST: IS or other religious terrorist groups will carry out an attack somewhere in Europe.
LATEST: Many future mining reserves are located in areas with high political risk.
LATEST: In the U.S. roughly 22 percent of adults over the age of 65 are elder orphans or are at risk of becoming elder orphans because they don't have spouses, children, or siblings who live nearby.
LATEST: By 2031, urban areas in India are expected to house 40 per cent of the country's population and generate 75 per cent of its economic output.
LATEST: Economic growth will not come easily over the next few years and the consumer is in a constant state of change.
LATEST: Demand management will play an important role in improving water use efficiency in water scarce regions.
LATEST: Inheritance tax will be extended to UK residential properties held by non-UK domiciles (and trusts) through overseas vehicles.
LATEST: Further market opening in China and elsewhere could spur even greater dynamism in services trade.
LATEST: Wearable tech is expected to surge in popularity by 2016 and become a vital part of the business travel experience.
LATEST: Growth in advanced economies is projected to remain modest at about 2 percent.
LATEST: The lack of a "comprehensive long term workforce strategy" represents the biggest internal threat to the sustainability of the NHS.
LATEST: Demands for strong non-cognitive skills and strength of character will matter greatly in a world in which intelligent agents will be doing a lot of the cognitive work that people now do.

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