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Strategic foresight

This course is designed to help you and your organization gain strategic agility and resilience.

What you'll learn
Participants will learn the best practices of leading forward-thinking organizations. They will be trained in how to apply practical foresight gaining hands-on experience of using our comprehensive system.  They will be introduced to best practice tools to undertake collaborative foresight, strategic thinking, and change management back in their day-to-day work environment during a one or two day course.



Registration and refreshments


Scanning – discovering change
What it is?/ Scanning objectives /Timeframes/Methods/ Scanning for 
Insight/Adopting a Worldview/Ways of seeing


Morning Coffee Break


Watching - following key influencers
Generating competitive advantage by being ahead of rivals


Planning - determining best strategy
Discovering trends, patterns & events/ Counter trends & Surprises/ 
Assessing trends/Selecting trends/Classifying trends




Deciding – developing responses
Innovating, inspiring others, actioning


Collaborating - sharing plans, further learning
Collaborative foresight, Foresight resources. Practical Foresight


Discussions and Questions


Close of Master Class

The two-day course follows the same agenda but allows for more exercises and hands-on experience for those wishing to practice strategic foresight in their work or to conduct an in-depth strategic foresight exercise on a burning topic of their choice.

Participants can either take a Master-class or Workshop at their own offices, other locations anywhere in the world, or virtually in one or more ninety-minute sessions.

Master-class leader
Dr. Michael Jackson
Mobile: +44 (0) 7966 155912
Skype: shapingtomorrow

Mike is a founder member of Shaping Tomorrow. He also advises businesses on dramatically improving their competitiveness through pioneering work on practical Sustainable Business Strategies. Clients include a number of blue-chip, international and national companies and small to medium-sized UK businesses. He is known on conference platforms speaking on business subjects including futures, sustainability, customer loyalty and retention, business process re-engineering, change management, building strategic visions and values and people motivation and communications, ethics, alliances, and corporate governance: he has many published articles on these subjects. With over 30 years' experience in Business Management in the UK, North America, and Europe, he has significant exposure to corporate banking and consumer finance and, latterly, strategic foresight.           

Mike's extensive and highly successful past management experience as a CEO  sets him apart from other trainers without the hands-on experience of managing large-scale organizational change.  

What they say
"Very informative and relaxed approach. A good introduction to a very large field, website access, etc will be invaluable. I know where to start – now have to go and do it but take comfort in the extensive website and associated materials that are available These events are always useful in that they have a small number of participants which encourages discussion. Mike is very willing to discuss specific areas in more detail, which was useful. Useful guidance on techniques & methods for going about horizon scanning in a systematic and measurable way. I enjoyed the stories /examples and found it extremely interesting." Peter Black, DAFF, Australia.

Face-to-face: $250 per person
Online: $250 per session
(+VAT if meeting held in Europe) 

Notes: travel expenses and local conference facilities not included. Minimum of eight participants for overseas master classes. Deep discounts for more than twenty face-to-face participants.

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